Support Equipment for Diagnostic Scanning and calibration

With all the attention focused on vehicle scanning and calibrations collision shops have been considering what scan tool, or service to invest in to support this process. Remember it is more than just a scan, the codes and data are a significant part of the process, but the procedures needed to a vehicle to a known, fault free and fully calibrated status to standards requires some additional tools and resources.

Here is a list followed with some options of what is needed in addition to a scan tool or remote service.

  • Service Information
  • Battery support
  • Battery tester
  • Tire pressure monitor tool
  • Seat Weights
  • Object detection targets
  • Test lamps
  • Multi-Meter
  • Wire slicing tools

You can base your equipment choices on how far you intend to integrate vehicle scanning and calibrations into your shops capabilities. Some procedures may need to be sublet to other service providers if you are not equipped.

SERVICE INFORMATION; There are multiple sources available to get the information needed so you know what to do

  • I-Car – Reparability technical supports (RTS); is a great resource for information beyond what might be found in standard Service information sites an procedures that be difficult to search for and find from OEM service sites. A new feature is available here to search for calibration requirements on 2016 model year with previous years being added soon See for more information
  • AllData Collision; a good source of first line information including Required repairs and inspections when a vehicle is damaged or an airbag deployment has occurred. AllData has a library request tab with support if you cannot find what you’re looking for. See for more information.
  • Mitchell Repair Center; another good source for first line information with OEM service procedures specifications, schematics and more. See RepairCenter™ TechAdvisor at for more information.
  • Factory OEM service manual procedures; you can find links to each individual OEM at Most OEM links here provide basic information, Position statements, recall information, and some bulletins at no charge. For full access subscriptions for each individual OEM source will be needed.

Each shops choice is dependent on the vehicle work mix, specialization or OEM certifications, some OEM certified programs will require OEM service site access. Consider which sources will work best for you and make sure to use it! Just like the scan tool, leaving it on the shelf does not help!