Pre & Post Repair Scanning Position Statement

AirPro is immediately able to deliver state-of-the-art dealership-level services using a plurality of OEM and high-level, enhanced, independent, proprietary software. These services include scanning, diagnostics, calibrating and programming covering over 98% of all vehicles back to 1996.


AirPro Diagnostics currently offers the collision repair industry the following:

  • 98+% coverage on all vehicles back to 1996
  • Instant wireless connectivity to shop’s existing Wi-Fi or cellular service
  • No internet cables, wires or special configurations needed
  • Ready to use anywhere; in shop, parking lot, or on road test
  • OEM diagnostics and programming capabilities
  • Cloud based Client Diagnostic Management System included
  • Simple, quick, on-line request
  • Limited skills needed at shop level
  • Comprehensive, detailed, data reports w/recommendations from highly skilled & experienced Certified Master Technicians


For more information, please contact us at (904) 717-0577