Why Choose AirPro?

  1. The AirPro is a true OEM compliant scan-tool vs. a non-OEM (aftermarket) communication interface device or translator which translates the vehicle module’s electronic signals to the language of the internet “TCIP” and then translates it back to communicate with a scan-tool.
  2. AirPro is a true OEM compliant scan-tool that connects directly to the vehicle as all scan-tools are designed & engineered to do. Therefore, the AirPro is NOT subject to the constant fluctuations of the internet which can cause critical data to be altered or skewed, and can cause missed data, missed codes or unreliable results.
  3. AirPro is capable of programming multiple system control modules including powertrain modules without the fear of “Killing”, aka “Beer Canning” or “Bricking” a module.
  4. Since the AirPro is a true scan-tool and resides at the vehicle, the AirPro can be connected for data analysis during driving procedures (road tests) including Honda’s 22 MPH ODS (Occupant Detection System) calibrations and other safety related calibrations. It is able to accurately preform this critical safety calibration according to Honda’s required procedures which specifically states the vehicle is not to be placed on a lift or jack stands and must be driven while the scan-tool is connected.
  5. The AirPro is a true OEM compliant scan-tool and covers 98+% of all vehicles from 1996 to 2017. Therefore, there is no need for a “coverage” or “excuse” chart.
  6. AirPro typically delivers its service within 15 minutes of the time the initial request is made by the shop. There is no need to wait hours for a scan to be completed and a report delivered.
  7. When OEMs introduce new protocols, AirPro has coverage right away and does not require months or years of further development or engineering.
  8. AirPro’s Evergreen policy means no need to pay for an upgrade to a new device every couple of years to add the latest vehicle coverage.
  9. The AirPro immediately connects to the shop’s existing Wi-Fi system or thru a “hot spot “and therefore does not require any special configurations or cabling.
  10. AirPro Diagnostics offers the most comprehensive diagnostic management system, “ORION” to simply and conveniently manage all scan requests, reports and invoices.

The AirPro is a true scan-tool with both OEM J-2534 and OEM compatible 3rd party software directly connected to a vehicle. The AirPro is remotely accessed by Wi-Fi, Ethernet cable or cellular internet access. This method allows our ASE certified diagnostic specialists to remotely log into the tool and take control to select the appropriate software and functionality needed for the vehicle connected. The remote technician performs the procedures needed for pre- or post-repair scan analysis, diagnostic functions, system calibrations or module programming in conjunction with available OEM and aftermarket service information sources. Thru the AirPro all vehicle communications stay resident at the vehicle the way scan-tools are designed and intended to be used by the scan-tool manufacturers.

Strengths and Benefits:

  • Both OEM and aftermarket scan-tools are connected directly to a vehicle via OEM validated interfaces as designed by manufacturers
  • Diagnostic specialists perform functions and interpret results
  • Diagnostic specialists provide guided fault finding to a shop as needed
  • Full documentation and service information recommendations with scan-tool results are provided
  • No waiting for transport to dealer/equipped shop or scheduling of a mobile tech’s availability
  • No scan-tools for shop to purchase or maintain
  • Sublet invoice is provided
  • No need to recruit hire and train diagnostic specialist to perform services independently
  • Scan-tool continues to operate as designed if internet signal temporarily lost