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Video Key:

00:33 – 1. What’s in the Box
01:52 – 2. Connecting to the Internet
03:15 – 3. Using ORION
04:00 – 4. Creating a Repair
07:09 – 5. Requesting a Scan
10:22 – 6. Retrieving Reports
10:55 – 7. Completion/Post Scans
11:36 – 8. Closing a Repair Without a Completion Scan
12:10 – 9. Requesting an Invoice

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Our app allows you to add repairs from your mobile device by scanning the VIN. Additionally we have an ADAS Identifier built in.


It's time to implement changes to your workflow to accommodate your new tool. We have a few tools that can help with that.


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Connections can mean everything - we have a connection for you!

You probably got an AirPro because you wanted to save some time, well this next step will help you with that for sure! Connect your ORION dashboard and AirPro tool to CCC for faster and more efficient processes within your shop. Click the link below for a step-by-step guide to setting up your CCC Secure Share Integration.

We know it can be hard to learn new tools. We are here to help make it easy! Use this guide to walk you through how to use your tool and how it can help make your life easier every day.

Are Calibrations Slowing You Down?

AirPro Diagnostics is a leading provider in remote ADAS calibrations. We take the time, effort, and hassle out of getting ADAS calibrations on your vehicles performed properly. The recent introduction of Auggie will revolutionize the way shops are performing calibrations.

ADAS Calibrations Made Simple

ADAS Calibrations?

We've Got You on Our Radar!

No one wants to wait around for calibrations, adding days to your cycle time. We keep ADAS Calibrations in-house and help you perform them without leaving your facilities.

Scan Qualification Checklist

In addition to a vehicle’s repair procedures and OEM position statement, the Scan Qualification Chart is an easy tool to implement during the vehicle’s damage analysis or pre-op stage of the repair process. This tool takes into account the electrical and safety-related systems that may have been impacted during the collision or will need to be removed during the repair process. In both cases, this suggests that a pre and post-scan may be required for a safe and fully functional repair. Print, Check, File!


Forward Facing Target & Radar Reflectors

Asian Pro Target Kit


Includes the physical and technical requirements to calibrate

Honda/Acura – Forward Facing Camera
Toyota/Lexus – Forward Facing Camera
Nissan/Infiniti – Forward Facing Camera
Hyundai/Kia – Forward Facing Camera
Mazda – Forward Facing Camera
Subaru – Forward Facing Camera

Universal Radar Reflector Kit


Includes the physical and technical requirements to calibrate

Honda/Acura – Front Radar
Mazda – Front Radar
Toyota/Lexus – Front Radar & Blind Spot
Subaru – Blind Spot
Hyundai/Kia – Front Radar
Nissan/Infiniti – Front Radar

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