ADAS Calibration

As part of automotive repairs, it’s crucial to properly calibrate a vehicle, returning it to original specifications, for its safe operation. Calibration is vital to protect the driver and passengers once the car is back on the road, as well as all other drivers on the roadways.

Benefit from AirPro’s Total ADAS Calibration Solution

To reduce accidents on the road, manufacturers incorporate advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) into the vehicles they build. The goal of ADAS is to lower the number of accidents and protect people when crashes do occur. It isn’t unusual, though, for components of the ADAS to become misaligned or damaged during a crash—damage that can’t simply be inspected visually. When calibration is off-kilter, the driver will depend upon unreliable systems—such as lane assist technologies, front and rear cameras, and the like—to navigate roads, which can lead to accidents and injury, even fatalities.

AirPro Diagnostics offers the complete solution: AUGGIE an ADAS calibration tool of unsurpassed quality and accuracy to assist auto shops in repairing the growing number of vehicles that require these services. With optimal calibration, vehicles can efficiently and safely get back on the highway. We consult the OEM repair procedures on all repairs to ensure the vehicle’s electronics systems are serviced as required by the manufacturer.

This process has grown increasingly more complex over the last decade. Nowadays, more than forty companies manufacture hundreds of models with each having its own unique computer network and driver assistance technology. It is becoming more and more difficult for any one shop to properly service all these unique and complex systems. Thus, the reason for AirPro Diagnostics brand specialists, who are available to assist you in minutes.  Stop banging your head against the wall. So, to properly calibrate vehicles in your repair shop, you’ll need to follow OEM best practices for the make and model you’re restoring.

We participate in OEM Certification Programs and help keep your shop in compliance by utilizing the OEM software to ensure the vehicle network is operating properly and Calibrations are performed to specifications.

To streamline the process, AirPro’s technology will provide your team with all the calibration targets as well as step-by-step assistance to ensure your shop gets it right the first time, every time.  With AirPro, you’ll have the expertise of brand specialists at your fingertips, you can bring ADAS calibration repairs in-house to bring in more revenue and decrease cycle time while improving customer satisfaction with a job done on time.

AirPro Diagnostics provides auto repair shops with a comprehensive, four-step solution that encompasses each of these steps:

To create accurate diagnostics and perform appropriate ADAS calibration, though, you first need laser-targeted automotive scanner technology, available through AirPro with our ORION cloud-based diagnostic management system. All of this plus ongoing training. So, whether you have a new hire in your shop or a newer vehicle with technologies you don’t understand, we walk you through step-by-step to ensure your shop is always successful.

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ADAS Calibration FAQs

We leverage OEM licensed software and multi-brand diagnostic applications to provide today’s most advanced ADAS calibration solution. AirPro is the only car calibration technology that’s “local”—meaning, resident and directly connected to the vehicle being repaired. The local approach benefits all vehicles and is required today by some manufacturers.

With AirPro’s ADAS calibration tool, you can benefit from the best of both worlds: you’ll have local technology that’s remotely operated by brand specialists with in-depth knowledge about the vehicle you’re repairing. Because our remote professionals are operating the car calibration tool for you, there’s no need to send software across the internet, and you don’t have to use an application that’s located somewhere else.

Because of our approach, you can repair vehicles without needing to have an on-site specialist or sending the vehicle out to a third party. As vehicle manufacturers each create their own unique ADAS technologies, it can be nearly impossible to have experts on site for each of the vehicles that are brought to your site for repairs—and, with AirPro, you don’t need to.

Our technology is a true game changer, and you can take on the most complex calibrations, remotely guided by brand specialists.

With an ADAS-equipped vehicle, the answer is yes. When a windshield is replaced, forward-facing cameras are moved and will no longer operate correctly and crash avoidance radar systems won’t work appropriately. So, after the windshield is replaced, it’s crucial to use windshield calibration techniques to make sure that the car will operate safely again.

It may be surprising to see how many systems are impacted by a windshield replacement. They can include adaptive cruise control, lane departure warnings, collision avoidance braking, and more. Specifics of what needs to be done during a windshield calibration can vary, of course, depending upon the vehicle’s year, make, and model, and whether static or dynamic system issues must be addressed.

This term can be used in a couple of different ways. First, it could refer to the car calibration systems in a particular make, model, and year. Each manufacturer can include different ADAS equipment in the vehicles they produce and they can vary among models, ranging from simpler systems in more basic models and more advanced ones in luxury vehicles. Examples of ADAS can include automatic emergency braking systems, blind spot detection, parking assistance technology and more, and each of these contains uniquely designed sensors and cameras: in other words, ADAS equipment.

The term “ADAS equipment” can also refer to ADAS calibration equipment used by auto shops as part of their repairs process. AirPro’s directly connected ADAS calibration tool, one that’s remotely operated by brand specialist technicians, is a first-in-class type of ADAS calibration equipment. To discuss how this technology can benefit your auto repair shop, please contact us online today or call us at (904) 717-1711. We’re ready and willing to help!

Systems Requiring Vehicle Calibration

Quality ADAS calibration tools and brand specialists, like AirPro Diagnostics’ complete solution, detect problems that can’t be easily discovered otherwise. This streamlines the repair process, saving your shop from having to go through repeated diagnostic stages, and allows you to give your customers a more complete upfront report and repair estimate.

Today’s vehicles have a wide range of computerized functions that require proper calibration to operate optimally. These include (but aren’t limited to) the following:

Each of these complex computerized functions, often unique to each OEM, can be damaged in a crash and require expertise to properly diagnose and perform ADAS calibrations to reset and fine-tune settings. Calibrations range from fairly simple ones, like Brake pedal position, liftgate, seat weight, window positions, tire pressure monitoring, and steering angle sensors, to more complex ones with the Radar systems, 360 cameras, and forward-facing camera (FFC). After the more basic calibrations are performed, then technicians can perform the ones with more intricacies.

Range of OEM Calibration Procedures

Each manufacturer has its own proprietary computer network and driver assistance technology. This means that each one will have its own required calibrations with no one-size-fits-all procedures existing in today’s technologically complex environment.

A car with more basic ADAS technologies, for example, can become involved in a crash and require fewer calibrations. A higher-end vehicle, though, can go through a similar collision and need more significant diagnostics and calibrations. Where, specifically, the damage that occurs on a vehicle can play a key role in how significantly its computer functions are affected—and, once again, specific impacts will likely vary by the year, make, and model of the vehicle.

To successfully calibrate vehicles nowadays, it’s important to have the expertise of brand specialists readily available. With AirPro, you don’t have to have all of these experts literally in-house. Instead, with our equipment and cloud-based diagnostic management system, you can remotely connect with brand specialists across the OEM spectrum within minutes, —and they will guide you through the most complex diagnostics and calibrations.

A Look at Windshield Calibration

When an ADAS-equipped car is involved in a front-end accident with even minor structural damage this will affect the crash avoidance radar systems as well as require a recalibration of the forward-facing camera.  And remember anytime a windshield is replaced and the cameras are moved off the bracket these systems will no longer operate correctly. So, windshield calibration will be needed after the glass is replaced to ensure that safety systems will once again operate optimally.

Examples of what systems can be affected include adaptive cruise control, collision avoidance braking, lane departure warnings, and similar functions. Just like with other types of reprogramming, windshield calibrations required can vary by year, make, and model. For example, depending on the vehicle, static calibrations, with fixed targets or dynamic systems, where you drive the vehicle for a certain period in specific conditions may be required.

A vehicle may also need an FFC calibration after suspension repairs or wheel alignments. The possibilities are wider than what might immediately seem obvious.

Key Differentiator: Locally Connected System

AirPro Diagnostics offers today’s most advanced calibration solution utilizing OEM licensed software and multi-brand diagnostic applications resident and directly connected to the vehicle. Some vehicle manufacturers require the local approach while all repairs can benefit from our comprehensive applications. Our remote diagnostic technicians operate the tool and are not attempting to send the software back and forth across the internet, or as other providers do, use a tool or OEM software application that is located elsewhere. Resident and Directly Connected are the keywords here and are only available from AirPro Diagnostics.

Through AirPro’s hardware and the ORION cloud-based diagnostic management system, your auto repair shop can leverage the power of the four-step solution. The result? You don’t need highly skilled, brand specialists.  Your team can efficiently get vehicles repaired to manufacturer specifications and get them safely on the road again.

Powered by OEM licensed software and multi-brand diagnostic applications, this local process can be remotely operated, as needed, by our expert diagnosticians with just the brand specialties you need for the vehicle. That’s a true difference-maker for repair shops, allowing you to keep ADAS calibration services in-house as another service, another revenue stream that contributes to the bottom line.

AirPro offers the only automotive, light truck, and heavy-duty diagnostics and calibration tools t, taking you from scanning to diagnostics to accurate and reliable calibrating. Because the system is remote, it’s 100% touch-free, reducing the opportunity for contagious pathogens to get into your facilities. This is more important now than ever.

Overview: From Scanning to Diagnostics to Vehicle ADAS Calibrations

Technicians must use best practices throughout the process to return the vehicles being repaired to their original specifications. As computer systems in vehicles continue to become more and more sophisticated, so must scanning, diagnostics, and ADAS calibration tools. Equipment and software being used for these services must dovetail with the years, makes, and models of vehicles being repaired.

At a high level, technicians should:

  • Conduct a manual inspection of the vehicle, looking for damage, sensors, cameras, and other identifiers of ADAS systems. Verifying that malfunction indicator lamps are working; documenting unusual odors and sounds; and checking to see if airbags, knee bolsters, or seatbelts have deployed during the crash.
  • Utilizing the AirPro – Pre-scan the damaged vehicle and our brand specialist will identify what issues were caused by the collision as well as what ADAS Calibrations may be required. This Pre-Scan Report provides your shop with baseline information about the vehicle’s condition, something to compare against through the process.
  • When physical repairs are completed submit for a post-scan and our brand specialist will remote in and test all systems, and perform necessary resets and legacy calibrations. Once this is complete the vehicle is now ready to perform the necessary ADAS recalibrations.
  • A Road test and Dynamic Systems Verification or DSV must be completed by one of your technicians to verify ALL systems and working and reset to factory defaults.
  • The final step is to connect the tool once again and perform a Final Scan to ensure no codes or system faults have returned.

ADAS Calibration and Reprogramming

With AirPro technology, your automotive repair shop can bring calibration and reprogramming services in-house to increase revenue. We’ll provide all the guidance you need throughout the processes with rapid response and second-to-none expertise provided by our brand specialists. We’ll guide you through calibrations step-by-step according to manufacturer specifications whether it’s an ADAS system or an SRS one.

You can proceed with confidence, knowing that we’re got you covered with your in-house ADAS calibration solution. You’ll significantly reduce cycle time while creating an additional profit center; satisfying customers and building loyalty; and easing the process for your employees, which can help with retention. AirPro hardware and ORION software are automatically updated so you’ll always have the latest in technology. Your AirPro tool is never obsolete. And even better yet, there’s no charge to you. That’s our Evergreen Warranty.

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AirPro is the trusted leader in the remote diagnostics and ADAS calibration industry, and we keep a laser focus on increasing the productivity, profitability, and customer satisfaction of your auto repair shop. Our technology will help to reduce risk, limit liability, and enhance safety on the road.

In our quest for perfection, we align with vehicle manufacturers as well as likely-minded vendors and other organizations. We maintain the highest standards and never compromise on excellence or integrity. You can count on AirPro, now and into the future.

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