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Auggie is the industry’s most technologically advanced, timesaving, Forward-Facing Cameras (FFC) solution for ADAS calibrations.

Discover How Auggie Will Change the Way You Calibrate Vehicles

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AirPro device with diagnostic software directly connected to the vehicle

Remote brand specialist technicians perform a full scan & thorough diagnostics

Service, findings and verification of the process is recorded and stored on the cloud for easy documentation

Complete report and findings provided on user portal and through email

Bringing Automotive Diagnostic Scanning Services & Technology to Your Shop

AirPro utilizes OEM software as well as comprehensive multi-brand diagnostic applications directly connected to the vehicle while operated by a skilled team of expert diagnosticians.

We don’t make the hardware or the software, our service makes them better.

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The AirPro Diagnostics team is a rapidly growing team dedicated to helping shop owners access the technology they need to perform safe, reliable repairs.

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ADAS Calibration and Auto Diagnostics FAQs

How does AirPro’s automotive scanning service work?

Skyrocketing demand for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and safety related vehicle diagnostics and calibrations has led to the emergence of high-technology scanning services, tasked with maintaining today's vehicles with complex safety and ADAS systems.

AirPro Diagnostics works with individual body shops, auto dealers and windshield replacement services to increase efficiency and profits for those vehicles requiring advanced diagnostics or realibration. AirPro’s ASE-certified and brand-specific technicians walk shops through complex diagnostics procedures, module programming, system resets and ADAS recalibration using a patented Auggie calibration tool for windshield cameras and/or specialized radar reflector tools for radar systems.

Using advanced machine learning technologies, Auggie precisely aligns vehicle sensor ‘target and lighting conditions’ to vehicle manufacturers’ forward facing camera ADAS calibration requirements.

How is AirPro’s scanning service different from competitors?

AirPro Diagnostics is the only remote full service Diagnostics and ADAS calibration service of its kind who specializes in identifying multiple calibration needs through vehicle equipment, diagnostic data, and review of repair procedures where many competitors only attempt scanning and sensor ADAS recalibration by just clearing Diagnostic Trouble Code and looking for dash warning lamps.

AirPro’s Auggie is an industry-specialized forward facing camera static calibration tool, dedicated to solving the growing issues of space and environmental conditions associated with recalibrating these ADAS system inputs after windshield/windscreen replacement or other repairs that require ADAS recalibration procedures.

AirPro Diagnostics calibration services provides training for shop personnel on vehicles coming in repairs that require ADAS calibrations.

Experts agree that every vehicle sold in the developed world will have some form of ADAS, with evolving features in constant development. Unlike its rivals, AirPro’s diagnostics equipment, including Auggie, is in continuous update mode, precisely identifying and improving upon individual vehicle characteristics.

AirPro professionals service the entire repair and collision event rather than charging just to decipher a simple diagnostic code. AirPro, unlike our competitors, provides a complete Diagnostic and calibration plan upfront, strengthening the shop’s efficiency and enhancing customer goodwill.

Why should we work with AirPro?

We founded AirPro on a simple idea: Every shop should have fast, affordable access to the technology it needs to repair modern vehicles to the highest standard. That idea runs through everything we offer, from ORION, our cloud-based diagnostic management platform, to Auggie, our game-changing forward-facing camera (FFC) solution for ADAS calibrations.

We stand behind our promise of excellence with our 10-Minute Response Pledge: Within 10 minutes of requesting a service, our expert team will be working on your vehicle.

Technology has redefined the contemporary automobile from a mechanical operation to one of adaptive computing. AirPro is at the cusp of an engineering revolution that will transform the industry. The future is autonomous vehicles, but there are only a handful of high-tech services around the world currently equipped to bring the modern vehicle back into calibration.

What is an ADAS calibration tool?

ADAS calibration involves aligning and calibrating sensors in the vehicle when the aim has been disturbed. When a vehicle sensor is out of alignment or calibration by even one degree, the misaligned sensor will be directed at a distance significantly off-axis by 50 feet or more. In a modern automobile, there are over 70 integral sensors. Faulty sensor input can lead to numerous unanticipated problems not recognized by a DTC.

ADAS calibration is a precision-based process with some functions performed on the shop floor, while other sensors must be calibrated while driving the vehicle. There are two forms of ADAS calibration: static and dynamic.

1. Static calibration begins when a thrust line is established for the vehicle. A thrust line is dead center between the front and rear hubs. Aiming targets are placed in precise locations relative to the thrust line. AirPro Diagnostics provides the necessary training and visual targets to calibrate a vehicle correctly.

2. Dynamic sensor calibration is the preferred method when dealing with forward-facing camera sensor alignment. AirPro’s Auggie tool and the technician complete a calibration process while driving on a straight, level road.

ADAS calibration tools, such as AirPro’s Auggie used with AirPro remote scan tool, provides advanced pre- and post-repair diagnostic scanning and detailed methods for camera, radar, and ultrasonic driver-assist systems. Rather than subletting work outside for ADAS calibration, body and repair services can open new revenue streams using AirPro’s Auggie calibration tool.

When should an auto diagnostic and/or recalibration be performed?

Service technicians suggest a diagnostic check every year or whenever a vehicle has been damaged or has unwanted symptoms, which uncovers issues not triggered by a check engine light. A thorough diagnostic scan should be performed when purchasing a used car. Diagnostic scans uncover hidden problems with the engine, exhaust, transmission, coils, throttle safety systems and ADAS featers, etc.

Calibrating a sensor carries the same timeframe as a service check (about one year). Keep in mind, however, that there is no perfect sensor, so consistent monitoring is crucial. Other circumstances that may influence sensor accuracy are the surrounding environment and regular exposure to heat, cold, and humidity.

Without question, sensors should be calibrated after an accident, including light fender-benders and windshield replacement. Modern car systems are complex, so you must choose a service provider using AirPro Diagnostic’s Auggie calibration tool for best results.

The more advanced the car, the greater the risk if sensors are not calibrated correctly.

Do I need to recalibrate my ADAS if I replace my windshield?

Yes, it is essential to calibrate sensors after windshield replacement. Cameras and sensors are attached to the vehicle’s windshield in order for advanced ADAS systems to work correctly. If a windshield is misaligned or its sensors must be reattached following a replacement, the sensors may be misaligned as well. Even a single degree off in alignment will make the viewing area unbalanced.

Features like lane departure warnings and forward collision detection are delicate technologies that rely on proper alignment of the windshield sensors.