Our Team of Automotive Diagnostics & ADAS Calibration Brand Specialists

Our Core Values

At AirPro Diagnostics, we believe that the success of our company is predicated on our service, our technology, and most importantly our people. As we continue to grow within the automotive repair industry, we are dedicated to maintaining a culture that embraces our core values in everything we do.

Above & Beyond






Meet Our Executive Team

Lonnie Margol

Chief Executive Officer
& Founder

Michael Quinn

Chief Global
Development Officer

Josh McFarlin

President &
Chief Operating Officer

Brian Evces

Senior Vice President, Sales, & Business Development

Jonathan Brigman

Chief Technology
Officer & Founder

Steve Casella

Vice President of Client Technical Services & Founder

Chuck Olsen

Vice President of Automotive Technology Solutions & Founder

Mark McCahill

Chief People
& Culture Officer

Fred Iantorno

Vice President of
Strategic Solutions

Hal Koegler

Director, Finance
& Legal Affairs

Maria Charlton

Managing Director
AirPro Diagnostics Limited