Bring ADAS Calibrations In-HouseThe auto repair industry can be a competitive one, so it’s natural to look for additional revenue streams to bring in cash and enhance your bottom line. With the increasingly more complicated advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) in vehicles today, bringing ADAS calibrations in-house may not seem like a viable option—but that’s exactly what you can seamlessly do with AirPro and our state-of-the-art auto diagnostics tool operated remotely by a highly trained brand specialist.

The Need for ADAS Calibration

Calibration services are in demand today and will become increasingly more necessary. In 2018, nearly 93% of new vehicles had ADAS features, either basic or more advanced—and, sooner rather than later, we expect nearly every new car to come equipped with this technology. Plus, even if a vehicle doesn’t have these systems, it’s surrounded by those that do.

When a vehicle is involved in a crash, sensitive ADAS components are often shifted out of alignment or damaged, even when the damage isn’t visible. When a sensor in the ADAS is even slightly out of alignment, this can cause the affected system to be significantly off kilter. The vehicle’s driver could then be relying on faulty systems as they navigate the road, which can lead to accidents and injuries, even serious or fatal ones. Following the OEM procedures is critical to safe repairs.

Here’s what the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers and Association of Global Automakers say on the use of OEM Repair Procedures: Failure to follow OEM repair procedures in the course of a post-collision repair should be considered an unauthorized modification of a vehicle and its systems, introducing the potential for bodily injury and death to any future drivers and occupants of the vehicle, as well as occupants in other motor vehicles on the roadway.

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers and The Association of Global Automakers represent automakers producing more than 99% of new cars and light trucks sold in the United States.

Based on these facts, the consequences of not repairing vehicles to manufacturer’s specifications can at the least ruin your reputation, cost you millions of dollars and possibly bankrupt your business. Our diagnostics scanner technology and the use of our highly qualified remote technicians using professional ADAS calibration tools is crucial to return the vehicle to OEM specifications.

Challenges with ADAS Calibration

Each manufacturer has its own proprietary design and network of modules . So, by quickly considering that thirty or more manufacturers are building hundreds of makes and models, the complexity of servicing these systems, properly diagnosing the problems and performing recalibrations today is obvious.. Sensors and cameras can be placed in different positions, and what’s true of a make and model in one year may or may not be true of a similar vehicle from another year.

This highlights the need for the knowledge of brand-specific technicians and ADAS calibration knowledge. A general understanding of all vehicles just isn’t enough anymore. Having the expectation that any one person in a shop can service 30 or more brands is not possible today.  At AirPro Diagnostics we don’t even have that expectation. We hire and train brand specialists who service only their brands. Nissan technicians service Nissan vehicles, we don’t ask them to service GM brands or European brands.  Our Mercedes technicians service Mercedes vehicles and so on. It’s that complex! This also spotlights the need to keep up with the ADAS enhancements that manufacturers are debuting each year; where they’re placing them in the vehicles; and how they should be calibrated or serviced.

Plus, to add to the complexity, multiple types of ADAS exist today, including:

Then, consider the number of systems that are commonly found in today’s vehicles:

Just as the need for diagnostics scanning and ADAS calibration is clear, so are the intricacies. Yet, there is a streamlined way to bring sophisticated ADAS calibration tools into your shop: with AirPro Diagnostics’ remote brand specialists, hardware and the ORION cloud-based diagnostic management system equates to the most advanced solution available today.

AirPro Diagnostic Scanning: Pre-Calibration Steps

When an ADAS-enabled vehicle comes into your shop, our solution will guide you through four steps to allow you to get your customers’ vehicles safely back on the road:

With our hardware, remote brand specialists and ORION diagnostic management system, we simply connect the tool so our technicians remote in and perform the services!—from pre-scans to post-scans and everything in between—with technology that can meet vehicle manufacturers’ most stringent requirements. Here’s what makes AirPro’s solution both different and better:

If problems are detected with ADAS cameras and sensors, then the next step is for our technicians to perform extensive diagnostics. Although this is technically a second step in the process, scanning and diagnostics will work seamlessly together to allow your shop to optimally repair vehicles.

Here’s why we use the word “seamlessly.” Our well-trained brand specialists will operate the tool. This eliminates the need for you to attempt to find, train and retain multiple technicians and maintain all the licenses for the OEM software and other applications needed to properly service vehicles. AirPro does that all for you.

Ultimately, this can shorten your shop’s cycle time, increase  customer satisfaction and enhance your bottom line profits—and you accomplish all of this without a need for brand specialists on your payroll.

Bringing ADAS Calibration Tool In-House

Conducting calibrations in-house is now a natural next step after using AirPro hardware and ORION software for scanning and automotive diagnostics. We’ll guide you, step by step, through calibrations—whether an ADAS system or SRS one—according to OEM specifications. So, instead of sending out vehicles to be calibrated elsewhere, which slows down the repair process, you can proceed with confidence as you handle this procedure right in your own shop.

As you satisfy your customers and increase their loyalty, you’ll create another profit center for your repair shop and provide an invaluable resource for your repair team—which will help to make your shop an in-demand one for employees and help with recruitment and retention.

A Look at Windshield Recalibration

When people think about calibrations, they likely think about damage caused to the body of the vehicle—and that is usually the case. When a front end crash occurs, for example, this will likely impact the crash avoidance radar system.

However, there is also a forward facing camera (FFC) near the front of the vehicle, on or near the windshield. So, windshield recalibration will also be required when this part or surrounding area is damaged, removed or being replaced. Specifics will depend upon the vehicle: its make, model, and year and AirPro assists you by consulting the OEM procedures for you. Our brand specialist will then communicate to you  the type of calibrations required: static or dynamic. Some vehicles require both.  FFC  recalibrations may be needed during suspension repairs as well as wheel alignments.

No matter what ADAS calibrations are required with windshield repairs and replacements, you can manage them confidently with Airpro’s team and  ADAS calibration tools.

Rapidly Advancing Technology

Just a quick glance at how vehicle technology has advanced over the past three decades will demonstrate how rapidly ADAS capabilities have grown. As they become increasingly more prevalent and sophisticated, so will the need for professional automotive diagnosis and calibrations. Fortunately, we automatically update our hardware and ORION software so you’ll always have the latest in technology. So, the AirPro is never obsolete—and we update the tool at no charge to you. That’s our Evergreen Warranty.

Looking ahead, manufacturers are gradually adding features to make cars more automated. As this continues to happen, we will continue to upgrade the skills of our cadre of brand specialists as well as the AirPro equipment and software so that you’re always prepared to handle whatever vehicles come in your door..

Some manufacturers are researching how to use multiple sensors for the same purpose. Although this may at first seem unnecessarily repetitive, this intentional form of redundancy will make drivers and passengers even more safe. That’s because, if one form of a sensor doesn’t detect or prevent a problem, another form with the same purpose likely will.

Called sensor fusion, advancements in this area will occur, perhaps in ways that the average shop won’t even notice. When it comes time to service those systems you can count on the team at AirPro Diagnostics to be up to date and successfully scan, diagnose, recalibrate, and reprogram these systems for you. Choose AirPro for Your Diagnostics Scanner and ADAS Calibration Tools

Our system seamlessly takes you from one step to the next and is the only one that offers a locally connected system for automobiles, light trucks, and heavy duty trucks. AirPro is the trusted global leader in the ADAS services space as we help automotive repair shops to boost their productivity, customer satisfaction, and profitability in ways that reduce your risk, limit your liability, and improve customer satisfaction and safety for drivers on the road.

As an added bonus, our fully remote, 100% touch-free system reduces the likelihood of contagious germs getting into your shop.

AirPro Diagnostics is on a continual quest for perfection. On that journey, we only align with organizations with the same philosophies. We never compromise on integrity or excellence, and you can count on us now and in the future to bring you the best technology and support in the industry.

After all, we built our reputation by protecting yours.

To learn more about our world-class automotive diagnostic technicians and ADAS calibration tools, please contact us online or call 904-717-1711.