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Our innovative scanning technology solutions for collision shops are designed to increase your productivity, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

Comprehensive Vehicle Scanning Services by Vehicle Brand Specialists

One single high-end vehicle today may have 100 million—or even 150 million—lines of computer code involved in its systems and the vast majority of this computer code is in the complex network of ADAS safety systems. Compare that to approximately 25 million lines associated with an F-35 fighter jet and you can easily see the importance of quality automotive scanning technology and of having the real-time knowledge of expert brand professionals at your shops fingertips.

Nowadays, forty-plus vehicle manufacturers are building hundreds of vehicle models—with each manufacturer having uniquely complex computer networks and driver assistance technology. With this unprecedented technology explosion, it can be extremely challenging for auto repair shops to keep up with demand and have a technician proficient in all these brands. Fortunately, AirPro provides a comprehensive remote solution for shops across the country. Remember motorist safety should be your first priority in the repair of every vehicle.

At a high level, modern repair practices have four key technological steps, each of which we can streamline and optimize for you:

To create accurate diagnostics and perform appropriate ADAS calibration, though, you first need laser-targeted automotive scanner technology, available through AirPro with our ORION cloud-based diagnostic management system. Then, you can benefit from our vehicle scanning services by brand experts.

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Importance of High-Quality Diagnostic Scan Tools

Ever since the EPA mandated a diagnostics system (OBD II) for light-duty cars and trucks, scanning has become a required tool used by auto repair shops to check the condition of the vehicle’s electronics—a skill that’s become increasingly more important as vehicle technology has become more and more sophisticated.

What’s most important:

  • Choosing the most effective diagnostic scanner software compatible with the vehicle being diagnosed
  • Strategically and consistently implementing scanning best practices
  • Using recommendations made by diagnostic experts in the system, including when repairs should be sublet to specialists (know your shops limitations)

We know that time is a valuable resource, and you have our promise that we won’t waste yours. Within ten minutes of requesting a service, we’ll be remotely in the vehicle—in other words, there’s no long wait for vehicle scanner service (or any other service we provide).

With AirPro Diagnostics, you benefit from a key differentiator: a team of brand specialist technicians poised to provide expert services and support. We promise quick, accurate scans (along with high quality diagnostics, programming, and ADAS calibrations), and then efficiently and consistently deliver on that promise.

No matter where you are in the process, from pre-scans to post-repair completion scans, with AirPro you have direct access to OEM licensed software and multi brand diagnostic applications resident and directly connected to the vehicle. Your repair shop will benefit from a more complete blueprint in ways that will help you to catch additional issues to include in your comprehensive repair plan. You will reduce cycle time and improve quality control to provide the ultimate in service and vehicle safety as you repair vehicles to manufacturer specifications and increase customer satisfaction.

Next, here are key steps involved in using the ORION diagnostic management system by AirPro Diagnostics to maximize success.

Step 1: Before Scanning, Visual Inspection
Conduct a thorough inspection and verify that malfunction indicator lamps are operational and document any undesirable sounds. Check to see if the airbags, knee bolsters or any seat belts are deployed and inspect the vehicle for any other physical damage. This visual step is similar to how cars and trucks were traditionally checked before vehicle scanner software was available.
Step 2: Perform an Inspection or Pre Scan
If embedded vehicle systems are not fully operational, the system will provide fault codes to guide the process for our technicians to assist your repair shop. Our brand specialist will perform further diagnostics and assessments of live data to uncover extent of damages. Additionally, we will identify most required calibrations based on scan results or described vehicle condition, such as steering angle, OCS, object detection calibrations, park assist, forward facing camera, 360 cameras and so forth—and document results.
Step 3: Run Completion / Post Scans
After repairs are completed, the vehicle is reassembled, and calibrations and reprogramming finalized, a completion scan before the final quality control inspection will verify the success of repairs and calibrations. If problems have not been fully resolved or new issues are discovered, the AirPro scan tool will automatically return to its diagnostic mode for additional troubleshooting, repairs, and calibrations. Inspection / pre scans are in-depth and technicians must have more specific brand knowledge about the vehicle’s functions and systems to properly and thoroughly assess. If airbag deployments have occurred, an electronic evaluation will determine specifics, including if the vehicle requires an airbag module replacement. During the repair process, your vehicles may need expanded services and OEM scan tool software that AirPro can provide.
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Benefits of the AirPro Scanner Tool/Calibration Device

This technology meets even the most rigorous vehicle manufacturer requirements. That’s because this OEM licensed software and third-party software applications, which contains diagnostic applications for multiple brands, is directly connected and resident on the AirPro tablet.

AirPro’s diagnostic management system, ORION, is the cloud-based hub from which we deliver specialized assistance within ten minutes. When you use ORION, you can count on highly efficient, reliable, and accurate scanning by uniquely skilled brand experts—along with diagnostic and ADAS calibration services of the same high quality and safety standards.

Once our technician completes the collision repair scanning that your shop needs, you’ll quickly receive clear and accurate results in a downloadable report. This process naturally dovetails with shop processes in a smoothly streamlined way.

With ORION, your shop can deliver on promises and reduce cycle time with our brand experts guiding your shop through these most complex vehicle systems.

ORION’s software and AirPro’s hardware is automatically updated, as needed, at no charge to your business—so you never need to worry about obsolete technology. Our Ever-Green Warranty has your shop covered for life.

From VIN Identification to Invoicing

Our proprietary, built-in VIN decoder automatically populates the software with specifics about the vehicle being scanned: make, model, year, and transmission type. This rapidly entered data ensures that information provided to your repair shop is accurate. If, for any reason, the VIN can’t be decoded, you simply manually enter the vin and the software does the rest.

For the ultimate in convenience, you can enter vehicles and open a repair into ORION’s responsively designed system any time (on a desktop PC) before you make a request for service. Then, when your technicians are at the vehicle, they can quickly and easily submit a scan request from the tool, allowing your shop to smoothly integrate the technology into your processes and workflows. Note: AirPro’s ORION system is accessible on smart phone browsers, our integrated phone app, tablets and PC’s.

To continue to serve your needs, we continually enhance and advance ORION and its management systems integrations with recent additions including:

  • Your shop’s ability to add and delete users as desired
  • The opportunity to configure who receives collision repair scanning reports
  • A dispatching system that routes requests to a skilled brand specialist technician with experience with that particular vehicle
  • ADAS Identifier that quickly scans the system and identifies necessary ADAS calibration for you.

When you integrate CCE ONE with ORION and use this feature with CCC Secure Share™, you’ll further boost your shop’s productivity because of an even more efficient scanning workflow. You can connect your account in seconds with CCE ONE automatically creating repairs in ORION, which will save valuable time in your scanning workflow and increase productivity.

Then, just like our scanning reports are readily available for downloads, so are invoices. Our billing system is intuitive, adaptable to your shop’s unique invoicing processes. You can then sort invoices as desired: by year, make, model, RO#, or VIN#. Your shop, your choice.

Auto Scanning Services FAQs

We automatically update our ORION software and AirPro hardware at no charge, so you can count on our vehicle scanner technology being current. That’s our Ever-Green Warranty.

A recent collaboration with CCC Intelligent Solutions (CCC) is a good example of how we partner with like-minded, forward-thinking vendors to bring you the best technologies available today. Shops that use CCC Diagnostics will be able to capture and document diagnostic scanner results and calibrations in their workfiles, which is just one way that we remain laser focused on making automotive scanner information readily available to auto repair shops.

We only align with trustworthy vendors like CCC and vehicle manufacturers. That way, you’re guaranteed to have cutting-edge technology available at your fingertips with brand specialists only a quick connection away.

In general, you can expand an auto shop by offering more services, appealing to a broader customer base. You can also expand your shop by adding new revenue streams, providing you with funds to offer more outstanding services, and by incorporating highly efficient workflows that reduce cycle time.

Now, more specifically, here’s how using our diagnostic scanner technology and ORION cloud-based management system can help you to accomplish all of the above. First, you can bring services in-house that you once outsourced to other companies, adding to your service offerings. Using our vehicle scanner is step one in a process that allows you to scan, diagnose, calibrate, and reprogram automobiles after a collision. The result: a new revenue stream and enhanced productivity through highly efficient workflows.

Your diagnostic scan tool requests will be seamlessly routed to skilled brand specialists who have experience with the vehicle you’re repairing. Once our technicians complete the collision repair scanning process, you’ll receive rapid, clear, and accurate results in a report that you can easily download. This report may contain problems with the vehicle that wouldn’t otherwise be found, allowing you to present your customers with a comprehensive list of needed repairs and calibrations.

According to a March 2021 report, ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) are the fastest developing segments in automotive electronics. By 2025 (just a couple short years away), experts predict that 85 percent of cars on the road worldwide will have ADAS. Looking specifically at the United States, more than half of new cars will at least have L1 technology (driver assistance such as automatic emergency braking, collision, avoidance, adaptive cruise control, and so forth). More than a third (35 percent) will have L2 technology, partial automation such as fully automatic parking assist and automatic emergency steering and braking. Another 9 percent will have L3 conditional automation, and one in every hundred cars will be highly to fully automated.

So, in short, yes! The need for automotive scanner technology will only continue to increase. Get started with AirPro today.

AirPro Diagnostics for Your Shop’s Collision Repair Scanning

We’re the trusted global leader in diagnostic scanner technology—and we aren’t satisfied with yesterday’s successes. We continually innovate our technology and improve our services to increase your productivity, profitability, and satisfaction—also focused on reducing your risk and limiting your liability.

Our number one priority is motorist safety and supporting you as you provide that to your customers. That’s why we only align with like-minded vendors and organizations and vehicle manufacturers. We strive for perfection while never compromising on excellence or integrity, with each action we take adding to AirPro Diagnostics’ ongoing viability: today, tomorrow, and in the future.

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