ADAS Calibration & Automotive Diagnostics FAQs

Q. Why is it critically important to research and follow OEM repair procedures?

A. Repairers hold 100% of the liability on every repair, regardless of compensation or statements to the contrary. The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers and The Association of Global Automakers who represent automakers producing more than 99% of new cars and light trucks sold in the United States, stated:

Failure to follow OEM repair procedures in the course of a post-collision repair should be considered an unauthorized modification of a vehicle and its systems, introducing the potential for bodily injury and death to any future drivers and occupants of the vehicle, as well as occupants in other motor vehicles on the roadway.

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Q. I only get paid .5 hours to scan. How do I get paid for AirPro brand experts to safely repair and service the vehicles in my shop?

A. Our nation’s largest trade associations acknowledge the act of scanning a vehicle using a qualified scan tool as a necessary and not-included operation. A “scan” is a code pull or health check and does not include any further review of vehicle systems, data or diagnostics. Itemizing the services/charges you or we perform is suggested.

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Q. When should I perform diagnostics and / or recalibrations?

A. After any accident. OEM’s have defined an accident as “any damage beyond minor panel deformation.” Remember, the repairer holds ALL liability in repairs, even what might appear to be minor damage.

Q. Do the manufacturers accept AirPro and Auggie as tools that meet the OEM requirements?

A. Tools are not approved – procedures and software are. “OEM repair procedures provide the measurements and tolerances to correctly recalibrate advanced driver safety and assist systems increasingly found on today’s vehicles.”

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Q. Does AirPro use OEM software?

A. The AirPro tool and calibration devices meet rigorous vehicle manufacturer requirements by having OEM licensed software and multi brand diagnostic applications resident and directly connected to the vehicle.

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ADAS Job Aids

Other resources available:

I-CAR RTS Calibrations Requirements by Vehicle

This search tool will allow you to identify which system(s) a particular make/model might be equipped with. You’ll also be able to identify which parts and systems will set DTCs, illuminate MILs, require scan tools or other special equipment, and when calibrations are required. (Note: Access to OEM information is mandatory to perform post-repair calibration. A proper scan tool, special tools, and/or a test drive following OEM established parameters may also be required.)

Note: this list / webpage is not intended to be all encompassing, it is only a resource of limited repair information. Always defer to the vehicle manufacturers repair information for the most up to date repair procedures.