What is ORION?

ORION is our cloud based geo-redundant diagnostic management system.

ORION allows simple, streamlined interaction for shops to view all their data in one easy-to-use application.

Scan Requests

Once logged in to your account and the vehicle has been entered as a “Repair”, ORION lets you easily submit a scan request.

ORION allows you to request the following scan types:

Pre Repair

Post Repair

Scan Reports

Once our technician has completed the scan they will quickly contact you regarding the scan results. Our technician will then complete and publish the report including recommendations. The report is now ready for immediate download and the vehicle can move into DA (Damage Analysis).

This streamlined process should help make the integration into your business smooth and effortless.


We understand each shop’s process is different and the invoices are the most important part in how you get reimbursed. Some shop’s process is to have one invoice for all scans and others need to have separate invoices for each scan. We’ve got that covered with our intuitive, adaptable billing system. Our invoices, just like our scan reports,  are available for download immediately from ORION once published. At any time, the shop can sort any invoice by RO#, year, make, model or VIN # making it that much easier.

VIN Decoder

ORION has a built-in VIN decoder to automatically populate vehicle specifics such as Year, Make, Model & Transmission type on some vehicles. This will ensure against any incorrect information being entered accidentally. If unable to decode the VIN, ORION allows for the manual entering of the information.

Mobile Ready

ORION is designed to have the vehicles entered into the system as a “Repair” at any time in advance of a request. Since ORION is a responsively-designed application, it gives your technicians easy access to submit a scan request when at the vehicle, again making it a smooth transition into your process.

User Management

New enhancements which will be implemented in our next roll out will include a “Shop Administrator”. This will allow your administrator(s) to: add & delete users; configure who receives scan reports, invoices, or both. To add a new user, they will simply enter the email address and ORION will send them a welcome verification email.

CCC Secure Share Integration

 CCC ONE integration with ORION 

Quick Set Up: Connect your CCC ONE account in less than one minute

Automatic Repair Creation: CCC ONE will automatically create repairs in ORION See connection procedures below.

Using this feature with CCC Secure Share will reduce pre- and post-scanning workflow and increase productivity.