AirPro’s Cloud Based Diagnostic Management System

All Your Data in One Easy-to-Use Application. ORION offers incredibly powerful tools designed to give you a competitive edge.  

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ORION Cloud Based Diagnostic Management FAQs

ADAS stands for “advanced driver assistance systems” with its architecture consisting of sensors and cameras among other technologies. Each plays a role in detecting objects, alerting drivers to potential hazards, and otherwise helping to assist in safe driving.

The ADAS software collects information from the sensors in the system’s architecture, and then validates the data. This is what allows the vehicle’s technology to “understand” the immediate surroundings and prepare the vehicle to react to an anticipated situation.

ORION, meanwhile, is AirPro Diagnostics’ cutting-edge, cloud-based diagnostic management system. It serves as an OEM scan tool software from pre-scans to follow up ones and everything in between.

ORION, our cloud-based OEM scan tool software, is the center of AirPro’s diagnostic management system, the place from which we deliver all of our services. Through our OEM-licensed software, repair shops can seamlessly make requests for personalized assistance—and then receive a response within ten minutes. In fact, our year to date response time is much faster: one minute and twenty-seven seconds.

You’ll benefit from highly accurate scanning by uniquely skilled professionals. Then, you can benefit from high quality ADAS software for calibration—as well as the ability to use our automotive reprogramming software to provide the ultimate in service, in-house. This allows your repair shop to add new revenue streams for a healthy bottom line.

With ORION, your shop can receive downloadable reports with clear and targeted information. Report delivery dovetails with your shop’s unique workflows. Your shop can provide service in shorter time cycles, delivering on your promises to customers and strengthening their loyalty.

As an AirPro Diagnostics customer, your hardware and ORION software are updated at no charge—automatically. So, you can proceed with confidence, knowing that your OEM scan tool software is never obsolete.

Your repair shop can handle the entire spectrum of scanning and diagnostics. You can start with a pre-repair scan with the AirPro Device and ORION to verify current conditions. If embedded systems in the vehicle aren’t optimal, then you’ll receive fault codes to guide your repair team through the next steps. During this inspection scan stage, the ADAS software identifies most of the necessary calibrations: from OSC to park assist, steering angle, and much more. As needed, your repair shop can receive expanded services from AirPro. Our proprietary OEM scan tool software also allows your team to run completion scans to ensure that all issues are addressed.

Please contact us online to ask questions and find out how to start benefiting from our unique ADAS software. Or you can call us at (904) 717-8327. As an AirPro client, you can count on our commitment to improving and innovating our services to boost your productivity and profitability while reducing your risk and limiting liability. Guaranteed.

Scanning Requests

Complete and comprehensive scanning capabilities throughout the entire process from receiving the vehicle into your shop to once repairs have been completed to certify repairs. The scanning capabilities include:

Scan Reports

Once our technician has completed the scan they will quickly contact you regarding the scan results. Our technician will then complete and publish the report including recommendations. The report is now ready for immediate download and the vehicle can move into DA (Damage Analysis).

This streamlined process should help make the integration into your business smooth and effortless.


We understand each shop’s process is different and the invoices are the most important part of how you get reimbursed. Some shop’s process is to have one invoice for all scans and other shops need to have separate invoices for each scan.

We’ve got that covered with our intuitive, adaptable billing system. Our invoices, just like our scan reports, are available for download immediately from ORION once published.

At any time, the shop can sort any invoice by RO#, year, make, model, or VIN # making it that much easier.

VIN Decoder

ORION has a built-in VIN decoder to automatically populate vehicle specifics such as year, make, model & transmission type on some vehicles. 

This will help ensure the information being entered is accurate. If unable to decode the VIN, ORION allows for the manual entering of the information.

Mobile Ready

With ORION you can enter the vehicles into the system as a repair at any time prior to a service request.

Since ORION is a responsively-designed application, it gives your technicians easy access to submit a scan request when at the vehicle, allowing for smooth integration into your process.

User Management

We are continually advancing ORION to fit your needs in the shop. Our most recent enhancements to ORION include:

  • Ability to add and delete users
  • Able to configure who receives scan reports, invoices, or both
  • Skills-based routing dispatching system – This means that the scans get to the Brand Specialist Technician who is experienced with that vehicle.
  • Itemized pricing – All work performed is itemized on the invoice, similar to what you would get from a dealership.
  • Management System Integrations – We are continuing to expand our integrations to help make your workflow faster and smother by connecting your shop management systems with ORION.

CCC Secure Share™ Integration

We now have a CCC ONE integration with ORION. By using this feature with CCC Secure Share™ you will reduce time in your scanning workflow and increase productivity. With our integrations you get:

  • Quick Set-Up – Connect your CCC ONE account in less than one minute.
  • Automatic Repair Creation – CCC ONE will automatically create repairs in ORION See connection procedures below.