AirPro’s Auto Diagnostics Tool: Fast, Reliable, and Accurate

A few decades ago, auto repair mechanics could simply conduct a visual inspection of a vehicle to determine the damages and then make appropriate recommendations. Even the most basic cars being manufactured today, come equipped with multiple computers.

Some are equipped with four to six times the amount of computer code as an F-35 jet pilot. Think about that for a minute, no wonder you are having so many challenges with these newer vehicles of all makes and models. Because of these complexities, auto repair shops need ready access to proven diagnostics tools and AirPro’s powerful technology which allows your shop to receive real-time diagnostics guidance from brand specialists with expertise in the specific vehicle’s make and model.

Consider this. Each vehicle manufacturer today has a proprietary computer network and driver assistance technology that’s uniquely complex. With more than forty manufacturers currently building hundreds of models, it quickly becomes apparent how challenging it can be for auto repair shops to keep up with this explosion in technology. We participate in OEM certification programs and help keep your shop in compliance by utilizing the OEM software to ensure the vehicle network is operating properly and Calibrations are performed to specifications.

That’s why AirPro Diagnostics creates a comprehensive solution that encompasses each of the four vital steps in the process:

AirPro Diagnostics can streamline and optimize each step of the process for vehicle repair shops across North America and the United Kingdom (UK). If you’d like to leverage the power of our diagnostic scanner or ask questions about our cutting-edge technology, please contact us online or call 904-717-1711.

Overall Look at Automotive Diagnosis

Each of these four key steps is intricately connected, and AirPro Diagnostics offers the most advanced solution available today. Powered by multi-brand OEM software and comprehensive diagnostic applications, AirPro’s technology is directly connected to the vehicle being diagnosed. (This “local” approach is now required by some vehicle manufacturers.) So, when the system is remotely operated by a team of expert brand-specialized diagnosticians, that’s a true difference-maker for repair shops like yours.

In fact, AirPro offers the only scanning and diagnostic service that’s “Local” or directly connected to the vehicle.  —With the diagnostic software and hardware resident on the AirPro tool, this maximizes the accuracy and reliability of services and calibrations. Additionally, because our system is 100% touch-free, with our remote brand-specific technicians guiding you through each step, this minimizes the risk of contagious pathogens entering your facility. This is especially important nowadays.

Scanning and Diagnostics in Automotive Repair

As vehicle computers have become increasingly more sophisticated, auto diagnostics tools must, as well. So, repair shops must strategically select the most effective vehicle diagnostic systems that will dovetail with the years, makes, and models being repaired. Consistently following best practices, AirPro technicians scan, diagnose, calibrate, and reprogram vehicle computers to return them to original specifications.

At the start of the process, your staff will need to take a couple of steps:

Then, use AirPro Diagnostics technology to conduct a complete pre-repair scan. This will provide baseline information about the vehicle’s current condition. When using ORION by AirPro, the software stays in quick mode if no codes exist in the vehicle’s system.

Pre-Scan and Post-Scan Processes

We have the technicians, and brand experts so your shop doesn’t need to.  A brand specialist in a box!  We should not refer to shop technicians.  This is where they are woefully short. Vehicles in a repair shop often won’t have fully operational computer systems because of damage occurring during accidents. In that case, AirPro’s system will cost-effectively guide you  through the diagnostic process by providing fault codes and recommendations based on OEM procedures.

During the pre-scan, our technicians utilizing the software assess the vehicle’s condition, read live data, and diagnose problems. Scan results will typically identify most calibrations required and document results. This includes issues with object detection, OCS, park assist, steering angle, and more. If airbags are deployed, the electronic evaluation will provide your shop with information, including whether an airbag replacement is needed.

As diagnostics become more advanced, technicians reviewing results must have more in-depth, brand-specific knowledge about the vehicle’s functions and systems. Depending on the damage to the vehicle, your repair shop may need to request further diagnostics to fully identify electronics damages.

This benefits your shop by providing seamless access to our brand specialists who are factory-trained, ASE-certified technicians, experienced in diagnostic technologies to help you get the repair done right. More specifically, they will:

This allows you to give your customers a comprehensive upfront repair plan, which decreases cycle time, boosts customer satisfaction, and helps to build long-term loyalty. Plus, because of this technology and our technicians’ ongoing communications with your shops, this helps educate your team members and could also lead to increased employee job satisfaction.

Scanning and diagnostics processes intricately work together to help repair shops provide optimal repairs. Once repairs, calibrations, and computer reprogramming are completed on a vehicle, a post-scan allows your technicians to verify success. If all is fully resolved, then your shop can conduct a final quality control inspection with confidence.

Benefits of AirPro Vehicle Diagnostics

AirPro’s cloud-based diagnostic management system, ORION, AirPro’s cloud-based diagnostic management system, is the hub by which all services are delivered. We utilize only OEM licensed software and multi-brand diagnostic applications resident and directly connected to the vehicle. Thanks to our cloud-based technology, repair shops can make requests and then quickly receive personalized assistance.

We know when your shop needs help, they need it immediately, our year-to-date service response time is 1 minute and 27 seconds! Far below our 10 Minute Response Pledge.  With the Team at AirPro, you can count on highly efficient and accurate scanning and diagnostics by reliable and uniquely skilled professionals—and then, as needed, you can benefit from high-quality ADAS calibration tools and services.

Your shop will receive clear and targeted information about scanning and vehicle diagnostic results, available in a downloadable report. The ORION system delivers these reports in ways that seamlessly fit within your shop’s workflows.

When you leverage AirPro in your shop, you can deliver on promises made to customers in streamlined ways and shorter time cycles. Even today’s most complex vehicle computers and coding won’t present barriers to providing unsurpassed customer service.

Plus, AirPro hardware and ORION software are automatically updated at no charge to you. So, you’ll always have the latest in technology and your tool is never obsolete. That’s our Evergreen Warranty.

Beyond Automotive Diagnostics: ADAS Calibration and Reprogramming

Quality scanning and diagnostics in automotive repair shops are critical today—and then these processes must be followed up by ADAS calibrations and reprogramming, With AirPro’s AUGGIE technology, your shop can bring ADAS calibrations in-house to add a new revenue stream that will expand your service offerings and efficiently contribute to your bottom line.

We’ll provide you with everything you need for Radar, Blind Spot, and Forward-Facing Camera Calibrations in a cost-effective package.  And again, we provide step-by-step procedures for your staff whether they are new to the position or seasoned technicians, we take the guesswork out of ADAS Calibrations.  Experts agree that AirPro’s AUGGIE is a game-changer in ADAS Calibrations to make sure that you correctly calibrate vehicles to get them out of your shop and on the road again as quickly as possible—with motorist safety in mind.  Auggie removes space constraints, and other requirements and saves facilities money.  Make more profit and speed up the process with Auggie.

We’ll also conduct proper training Just like with automotive diagnostics, you’ll get all the guidance you need during calibrations, thanks to the rapid response and expertise of our brand specialists.

AirPro Diagnostics: Our Mission

AirPro improves technologies and services on an ongoing basis, serving as the trusted leader in the industry. Our goal is to continually increase your repair shop’s productivity, profitability, and satisfaction. We’re never satisfied with yesterday’s successes, as we focus on reducing your risk and limiting shop liability, as we support you in enhancing motorist safety.

To maintain the highest of standards as we strive for perfection, AirPro only aligns with vehicle manufacturers and like-minded organizations and vendors. Each action we take focuses on ongoing viability for the solutions we provide to you and we never compromise on excellence or integrity. This is our promise today—and for tomorrow and in the future.

At AirPro Diagnostics – we built our reputation, by protecting yours!

To get started and to benefit from our world-class automotive diagnostics technology, please contact us online or call 904-717-1711.

We have the technicians, brand experts so your shop doesn’t need to.  A brand specialist in a box!  We should not refer to shops technicians.  This is where they are woefully short.