Vehicle Scanning, Diagnostic & ADAS Calibration 10-Minute Response Pledge

Our Pledge to You

Our Pledge to you is that within 10 minutes of requesting a service, we will be working on your vehicle. That means you won’t be waiting hours for service. We know your time is valuable, so we won’t waste it.





Our Team is Your Team

Having a team of brand specialist technicians at your finger tips makes all the difference. We aren’t just here for you, we are always here for you with the promise of quick and accurate scans, diagnostics, programming, and calibrations.



We Are Here for Your Shop

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What Our Customers Are Saying...

  • AirPro utilizes state of the art OEM technology & software to provide you, the end user an exceptional experience. We have been using AirPro in our body shops for almost 2 years, in the last year I have taken on the task of calibrating forward facing cameras. The AirPro targets work seamlessly with the OEM Software. Highly skilled qualified techs specialists , in each brand of automobile will get the job done with ease.

    Larry Diesbach

    Owner of Greensboro Auto Glass

  • AirPro Diagnostics Customer

    No more shadows! Airpro is a beacon, they help us everyday to see, exactly what we need to.

    Kelly Roberts


  • I deal with these experts everyday, fast, very precise, very friendly and I learn from them. I find it fascinating, awesome work my friends! Talk to you soon on the next pre-scan and post-scan…. good work folks! You’re awesome, and I truly like your team!! Awesome knowledge, which I continue to learn from you, the best, very fast, efficient, very friendly, very thorough, keep up the great service!!! Da team! Air-Pro Diagnostics!! Look forward to our daily calls!

    Mitch Moss Mercier

    Works at Kap Collision Inc

  • Awesome quick service, able to communicate and ask questions back and forth is the kind of service we need in today’s always changing industry!! Quick and efficient

    Juan Rivera

    Works at Mallery's Auto Body

  • AirPro Diagnostics Customer

    This is a wonderful diagnostic tool that is invaluable to our organization.

    William Nestor


  • Scott Schaefer

    Auggie has helped to significantly increase my business by being able to service customers at their location. This has created efficiencies and improvements to not only my CSI but my overall gross profit within the business.

    Scott Schaefer

    Schaefer Auto Group

  • Mike Howell

    AirPro offers a truly mobile ADAS calibration system. With their tablet for dynamic and new AUGGIE for static, if you can drive a car you can do a camera recalibration. We now do the windshield install and calibration at the same time. Our customers love it and we are taking business from our competition every day. I have been doing business with AirPro since October 2019 and in my 40 years in the auto glass industry I have never worked with a better company. Their customer service and tech support is far superior to the other systems.

    Mike Howell

    Best Glass