Wheel bearing post scan

Initially, when Chris Surpris, one of AirPro’s brand specialist diagnosticians, started servicing Carolina Paint & Body it was for a completion scan for a Mercedes CLS550. The shop had repaired the front right section of the vehicle and had a dash full of lights and a noise complaint that they just couldn’t figure out. When Chris Surpris checked the right front wheel sensor, he got a fault. He started to gather all the information he needed in order to get a complete picture of what was going on with the car. Nick Lefebvre, the shop’s technician, had a noise complaint before the dash indicators came on and they couldn’t resolve the noise. He was at his wit’s end and was considering sending the vehicle to the dealer. Chris knew that would add a lot of time and money to the repair.

Chris, having the knowledge and expertise in this vehicle type, knew it was a wheel bearing issue. He had Nick check the brand-new wheel bearing. It appeared to be fine, but Chris knew that this was most likely the cause of the noise and dash lights. Finally, Chris insisted that Nick swap out the wheel bearing for the original one. Once he did, the noise complaint disappeared, and he was able to clear the faults. The new wheel bearing appeared to be faulty. The shop was extremely happy as this saved them a trip to the dealer, costs in diagnostic time, and unnecessary replacement parts.

“Chris was extremely helpful and went above and beyond,” said Nick from Carolina Paint & Body. “He took his time and was immensely knowledgeable about this vehicle.”

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