Jacksonville, FL (September 8, 2021) – AirPro Diagnostics the leader in remote diagnostics, scanning, programming, and ADAS calibration solutions, is proud to announce the roll out of its Itemized Services Option (ISO) pricing plan to its network of collision repair, auto glass and fleet service facilities. Traditional cost averaged inclusive pricing plan options are still also available.

Feedback from existing AirPro users as well as industry leaders indicated that based upon the complexity of each vehicle’s unique electronics and safety systems, more specificity on actual services performed would be required. AirPro embarked on the project 22 months ago and worked to identify over 1,300  unique itemized services and programmed those itemized services into ORION, its cloud-based diagnostics management system. A successful pilot over the last 3 months was completed and included a fully-assisted base scan, by an AirPro brand specialist, for only $19.95

“AirPro’s ISO allows us to provide full visibility on the specific services provided on today’s vehicles”, stated Chuck Olsen SVP Automotive Technology Solutions at AirPro Diagnostics. “We know the term scan had become a catch all and remote services was “cost averaged” to the marketplace but now with each manufacturers networks complexity further evolving we felt itemizing services made complete sense.  The reality of the market is that these vehicle systems are not getting any easier to service, which further supports our position that only uniquely trained brand specialists should be servicing these systems.”

“We strongly support this new approach to remote services pricing. AirPro only charges for the services that are needed on a given vehicle based on vehicle manufacturer requirements and only charges when they are needed,” stated (name, position Key Collision). “We’ve been itemizing damages on the collision repair side for decades; this makes total sense. We repair multiple lines of vehicles and there’s just no way, no reasonable way, that we can be expected to service all of them as a body shop.  AirPro’s remote brand specialists that perform the services are the experts and help us to reduce cycle time and comebacks.  And their phone app identifies ADAS equipped vehicles in seconds.”

AirPro utilizes OEM software as well as dealer level, comprehensive multi brand diagnostic applications to service its customers by having the software and scan-tool hardware resident and directly connected to the vehicle. ORION, AirPro’s cloud-based diagnostic management system, is the hub by which all services are delivered within the company’s 10-Minute Response Pledge. AirPro Diagnostics is backed by a team of uniquely skilled, diagnostic brand specialists who provide reliable, efficient, and accurate scanning, diagnostic, and cost efficient ADAS calibration solutions through its recently patented Auggie device that meet the highest level of quality and safety standards. Contact us at (904) 717-1711 to sign up or visit us at: www.airprodiagnostics.com.