Jacksonville, FL – May 00, 2024 – AirPro Diagnostics, the trailblazer in ADAS calibration solutions for the auto glass, collision, and mechanical repair sectors, proudly announces its groundbreaking affiliation with Mercury Insurance. Through this collaboration, Mercury Insurance has identified AirPro’s revolutionary “Auggie” calibration technology as the key to unlocking enhanced customer experiences, enabling in-network vendors to seamlessly provide same-day mobile glass replacements and calibrations to policyholders.

Auggie, a pinnacle of innovation in ADAS calibration, empowers service providers to conduct front-facing calibrations swiftly and safely in conjunction with glass replacements, fostering unparalleled efficiency and safety standards. This transformative technology, endorsed by Mercury Insurance, signifies a monumental shift in the automotive service landscape, ensuring policyholders receive expedited, comprehensive solutions without compromising on safety.

In rigorous testing conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) NCAP, Auggie surpassed all expectations. With an exceptional rating of “Superior,” Auggie demonstrated unparalleled efficacy in AEB and Pedestrian AEB scenarios, even excelling in challenging nighttime conditions. This validation underscores Auggie’s commitment to upholding the highest safety standards, providing peace of mind to insurers, service providers, and motorists alike.

John Dicken, Director of Claims at Mercury Insurance, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, emphasizing the paramount importance of policyholder safety. “At Mercury Insurance, safety is our top priority. We are thrilled to integrate Auggie into our service offerings, ensuring our valued customers receive prompt, reliable solutions without compromising on safety. Auggie’s proven track record and cutting-edge technology are poised to revolutionize the industry.”

Josh McFarlin, President & COO at AirPro Diagnostics, expressed gratitude for Mercury Insurance’s endorsement, highlighting the transformative impact of Auggie on the automotive service sector. “We are honored to earn Mercury Insurance’s endorsement for Auggie and AirPro’s services. Although Mercury is not our customer, they clearly play an important role in the repair ecosystem. We think it’s great they’re taking an interest in understanding its tremendous benefits and most importantly how it drives accurate and validated calibrations. This relationship signifies a significant milestone in advancing automotive safety and efficiency. With Auggie, we are focused on leveraging innovation for our industry, where cutting edge technology seamlessly integrates with service excellence.”

Auggie represents a wireless, compact solution that streamlines ADAS recalibrations, delivering precise results in record time. Its compatibility with major scan tools and intuitive design makes it the preferred choice for automotive service professionals seeking unparalleled efficiency and safety.

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About AirPro Diagnostics: AirPro Diagnostics is a leading provider of ADAS calibration solutions for the auto glass, collision, and mechanical repair industries. With a commitment to innovation and safety, AirPro Diagnostics empowers service providers with cutting-edge technology to deliver superior results and customer satisfaction.