Josh McFarlin

President and Chief Operating Officer

Accepting the status quo, has never really been a strong suit for Josh. For Josh, life and the things in it were a puzzle to be figured out. The challenge of figuring out how things worked, and how to make them work even better, started early on. Growing up with his family in Florida, Josh learned to use his hands to fix things at an early age. For some, it would be the accomplishment of having fixed something, no matter how, that was the thrill of it, but for Josh, it was understanding how something worked, how it was put together, and solving the puzzle to make it work again properly, or in some cases, better than before.

When Josh was 13 years old, he used every penny he had saved and managed to buy his first car, a 1966 Mustang Coupe. True to nature, it needed work, but by the time he got his license, it was on the road.

While it took Josh some life experience and hits or misses before ending up in the automotive industry, cars – specifically 1960s muscle cars – and making things work, have always been in Josh’s life. Whether it be working in the food industry, cutting trees, or SCUBA diving to clean boat hulls, Josh worked his way around jobs that challenged both his intellect and body; he got experienced at using different skills and tools to fix things.

In 1996, Josh took his first job in the automotive industry, working at a local dealership. On his first day as an apprentice, he was asked to remove a diesel engine from an ambulance. The job continued to challenge him, and Josh was up to the challenge. In early 1999, through the Ford ASSET Program, he became a graduate with an Associate’s degree and a Master ASE Certification. Josh didn’t stop there, he continued to train and in 2001, became a Ford Senior Master Technician having passed every course Ford had to offer.

Shortly after becoming a Ford Senior Master Technician, Josh and his wife Wendy, moved to Dearborn, Michigan to take a job as a Ford OE Service Engineer. Josh continued to push his education and finished up his Bachelor’s degree in Automotive Service Management Technology. As he continued to help dealership technicians problem solve over the phone, he kept challenging himself. It was here he started to see the gap in education and training that technicians were experiencing with the new technology coming out on cars. He continued to see this trend when he started working at Audi, in 2004.

In 2005, Josh leaped over to the education and training side of the industry, as a Subject Matter Expert with Raytheon Professional Services. While there, he helped develop training and education for General Motors Dealership technicians and other clients. Josh found a niche he excelled at, training and educating technicians on the advancement of technologies hitting the industry. He became the gold standard in subject matter experts, soon becoming a Curriculum Manager. As such, he was able to more deeply influence the direction and specifications of the training programs Raytheon was offering.

In 2013, Josh decided he was ready for an even bigger challenge and joined I-CAR as the Director of Curriculum and Product Development where he played a vital role in the senior management team. He no longer just influenced the direction of the training in the industry, he was the conductor of it. He took the driver’s seat, he led his team to develop training that made sure every person in the collision repair industry has the information, knowledge and skills required to perform complete, safe, and quality repairs for the ultimate benefit of the consumer. Josh also applied to the Master’s program at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. When they asked him to tell them about something he was proud of, he commented that he was proud that he continually worked to advance not only himself, but those around him, having been a technician in 2002, and now in 2017, he was a Director in the largest collision training organization and applying for an Executive MBA program.

Josh continued to expand his knowledge in and around the collision industry and soon, became one of the known faces for I-CAR in the industry, giving presentations all across the nation. He was known for connecting the training side with the actual functionality of the industry.

In 2018, Josh completed his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) with the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. A proud moment for Josh, having both the Senior Master Technician training and experience and now a Masters in Business Administration, being fully equipped to tackle some of the toughest challenges the industry has been facing. Proof that his thirst for learning, challenges, and providing solutions for the industry never waivered.

In 2019, Josh decided to push himself even further and took the job of Executive VP, Operations at AirPro Diagnostics. This opportunity allowed Josh to use both his knowledge of the industry and business to help a growing company in an advanced technology field of the industry. He could continue to influence and help the industry, from the individual shop owners to the OE relationships. Josh is continually challenged and pushed with AirPro Diagnostics, as the pace of growth and planning for the future constantly evolves.

In Josh’s free time, he continues to work on his 1965 Mustang, which he has been restoring for the last 20 years. Josh and his wife, Wendy, reside in Florida. He loves hanging out with his two grown sons, anything Disney, going to the beach, and traveling. Josh dreams of one day retiring and driving boats at Disneyworld.

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