Jacksonville, FL (August 17, 2021) – AirPro Diagnostics the leader in remote diagnostics, scanning, programming, and ADAS calibration solutions, is proud to announce performance results delivered to its bodyshop and auto glass customers for the first half 2021.

The company measures dozens of service interactions and aggregates that data into KPI’s to improve service and drive performance amongst its team of highly skilled vehicle brand specialists.  The two most important to our customers are response time and successful completion of services.  The company is well known for its 10 Minute Response Pledge.

The importance of completing a service cannot be understated.  This is the ability for ANY service request to be completed.

Every service that esxceeds 10 miniutes receives a complimentarty pizza lincheon.  That’s how serios we are bout meeting service demand.

Get Flyer made to reflect our service performance.

2021 January 1 – June 31 

Response Time: 1 minute 44 second average.

Time for AirPro brand specialist to remotely connect into vehicle and initiate service. 

Success Rate: 99.2%

Success rate is defined as percentage of service requests that are successfully completed in-shop by AirPro remote services.

“Whhen a customer requests service with AirPro over 97% of the time we are successful in repairing that vehicle in-shop.

Our customers have told us over and over the importance of response time and success rate.  This dramatically decreases overall shop cycle time and improves vehicle owner satisfaction”, stated Josh McFarlin EVP of Operations. “We listen to our customers to develop and deliver technology to meet their needs. Customers are raving about our new phone app and it’s ability to identify ADAS features on any vehicle within seconds of scanning the VIN and then delivering a report to them on the necessary manufacturer calibration requirements.”

Amber Alley, general manager at Barsotti’s Body & Fender in San Rafael, CA, switched to AirPro Diagnostics about three years ago and credits the company’s superior response time and brand specific technical expertise for ensuring consistent successful scanning, diagnostics and calibrations in-house at her facility. “We were immediately impressed with AirPro’s response time and their ability to consistently complete the repair”, Barsotti’s utilizes AirPro for its 25 OEM certifications. “The training and qualifications of the people you’re getting on the phone do matter, and AirPro has them. I don’t know how well I would sleep at night if I didn’t have AirPro on my team and backing me and my technicians up”, Alley concluded.

The AirPro tool meets rigorous vehicle manufacturer requirements by having OEM licensed software and multi brand diagnostic applications resident and directly connected to the vehicle. ORION, AirPro’s cloud-based diagnostic management system, is the hub by which all services are delivered within the company’s 10-Minute Response Pledge. AirPro Diagnostics is backed by a team of uniquely skilled, diagnostic brand specialists who provide reliable, efficient, and accurate scanning, diagnostic, and ADAS calibration solutions that meet the highest level of quality and safety standards. Contact us at (904) 717-1711 to sign up or visit us at: www.airprodiagnostics.com