Jacksonville, FL (December 28, 2021) – AirPro Diagnostics, the leader in remote diagnostics, scanning, programming, and ADAS calibration solutions is proud to announce the winners of the 2021 Cathy Mills

The purpose of this annual award is to recognize AirPro Diagnostics’ team members who make significant positive impacts to the organization by personifying the character traits of our former Director of Client Services, Cathy Mills.


Who can be nominated?

All full-time team members with a minimum of 1 year of service are eligible. (Members of the Senior Leadership team are excluded from this award.) The award is open to all field as well as home office employees.

This award serves as an opportunity to keep Cathy’s legacy alive by recognizing those individuals that embody Cathy’s spirit, passion, attitude and dedication to the AirPro Diagnostics family.

This year’s finalists are: Steve Buirge, Josh Cascanet, Tina Clarida and Lori Fields

January 2021, Jacksonville, FL – AirPro Diagnostics awarded the first annual Cathy Mills Positive Impact award this month that spotlights people who have a positive impact on others, much like Cathy Mills did herself.

Cathy Mills, VP of Sales and a founding member of AirPro Diagnostics passed away in April of 2020 after a hard fought battle with cancer,  Cathy was known for having a constant spirit to help others and an intense passion for the collision repair industry.  Cathy “grew up” in the business first as a parts driver and then an estimator trainee and ultimately managing shops.  She was the executive director, Florida Autobody Collision Alliance and worked for Sterling Collision Centers exoanding their network in Florida. (fact check)  She was a 2012 recipient of the Most Influential Women. in Collision Repair Industry Award by Akzo Nobel. She was recognized because of her tireless efforts to assist collision repairers to be more professional and positive.

https://www.bodyshopbusiness.com/akzonobel-announces-2012-recipients-of-most-influential-women-in-collision-repair-industry-award/“We wanted to make sure that Cathy’s spirit and name live on in the industry and recognize those whose selfless efforts resemble Cathy’s spirit of service and positive impact she made to everyone she came in contact with. Ask any of our customers who had the pleasure to work with Cathy. She exuded confidence and a caring heart.

Michael Quinn

and wanted to in this industry lived on,” said Executive Vice President of Operations, Josh McFarlin. “Nothing will replace such a caring and valuable member of this industry, but we can carry on her memory in others like her.”

5 AirPro employees were seledvcted as finalist and selected  , with many gracious people who shined as Cathy did. They were all impressive examples of people who had kindness, caring, and passion for the industry.  Nominees included people like Jeanie Sanchez, who continuously received positive comments from customers about her willingness and dedication to having a positive impact on those around her, and Tina Carida, who stepped up when Cathy passed and worked tirelessly to help others and positively manage the team, to Josh Cascanet, who sacrificed countless hours going above and beyond for his team and customers.

Ultimately, this year the Cathy Mills Positive Impact award was presented to Ann Swayka at this AirPro’s annual holiday gathering. Ann was chosen for her consistently positive and helpful role with the others around her. She was known to take it upon herself to go well above what was

Nominee Steve Buirge, a full-time employee at AirPro since: 2019

We talk about “Above and Beyond” a lot, but Steve goes even further. His positive attitude and willingness to get involved at solving problems is remarkable. Even on his days off he is watching the board to assist when it gets busy. He also will not let a scan lay in wait when it is close to his scheduled time off. He sticks with the scan even after hours to complete it to take care of our customer then adjusts his time accordingly. He always has a smile on his face.

Steve has also volunteered to sit alongside new technicians to guide and educate them with the AirPro process many times. He always shows them, in a positive way, how a given task is done, never raises his voice and is always quick to encouraging new people.

Jason Deenik of Sunset Collision of Bradenton is a perfect example. Steve explained the operation of a system that during a scan with no codes stored. Steve provided extensive information to the shop to give the insurance carrier the specifics on the issue.

His concern for the welfare of the company, our customers and his peers is something I am proud of.

Nominee Josh Cascanet, a full-time employee at AirPro since: 2018

Josh is our AirPro poster boy and never passes up the opportunity to welcome in new teammates.  He drops his personal plans at the drop of a hat to travel to the latest new embedded tech’s shop to show them the ropes. He also will take the newbies out to lunch or dinner and get to know them so the new teammate feels welcome to the AirPro family. Josh is someone I feel can be doing regional sales for AirPro and advancing the capabilities that our scan tool & calibration equipment is capable of.

Josh also helps out his teammates with personal things too.  He has helped fix their cars or move things or when they need advice, Josh is there.  He’s a positive, happy guy who is a great example of what Cathy Mills loved about the AirPro family.  Positive, happy, helpful and always making our customers the #1 priority.

Nominee Tina Clarida, a full-time employee at AirPro since: 2018

Tina represents all that AirPro stands for, both with customers on the outside and equally important, internally with all departments and team members. Daily she prioritizes each task or challenge as the most important item of the day, makes sensible decisions and follows it through to completion!  She is always the “go-to” person for many other departments, communicating internally with a unique passion, that always attempts to make processes better, quicker and more effective!

With direct reports, she has grown dramatically, coaching her team members constructively, while keeping the end goals and growth in focus!  There are noticeable improvements throughout the team and an environment of success continues to evolve.

Finally, her demeanor with our customers remains passionate, fair and conclusive. These traits make her the face of AirPro, and the model for what we do, what we stand for and who we are!

Nominee Lori Field a full-time employee at AirPro Since: 2019

After a year or so with the customer support team and showing her eagerness to learn and ability to retain information Lori was promoted to the IT team. Her growth has been nothing less than exponential this year.

To her credit she has enrolled in college and is maintaining a 4.0 GPA. She has done so while working two jobs. She doesn’t wait for things to happen, Lori makes things happen.

She has inspired others to improve themselves as well. Many seek her insight including leadership.

She has a positive attitude and is always raising her expectations as well as those of her peers. She is evidence for what it means to be a positive impact to others. We look forward to her continued progress both professionally and personally. Please accept my nomination of Lori Fields for the Kathy Mills Positive Impact Award.

And the Winner: of the 2021 Cathy Mills – Positive Impact Recognition Award goes to….. Josh Cascanet!

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