Q. Why won’t my Auggie turn on?

A. If your Auggie doesn’t power on when you push the “Power” button (located on the back panel of the tool), make sure your battery is charged and properly connected. When the Auggie has power and is turned on, the power button will light up.

Q. Why is my Auggie unable to identify the vehicle’s ADAS camera?

A. If your Auggie is unable to locate the ADAS forward-facing camera, please confirm the following:

Q. What should I do if the vehicle’s forward-facing camera repeatedly fails to calibrate?

A. Minimize any external light by utilizing the Auggie cover and, if necessary, place a sunshade in the windshield.
A. Confirm the proper leg lengths are selected and locked in place.
A. ArUco properly placed, top maker centered properly, lower maker centered over camera (careful to avoid mistaking a rain or light sensor for a camera lens).
A. Confirm the suction cup cable is taut, by tightening the thumb screw on the suction cup housing, and that all 3 legs of the Auggie are in contact with the windshield.
A. Make sure the vehicle’s forward-facing ADAS camera is properly installed in the mounting bracket.
A. Check for the presence of faults active in ADAS systems. If any DTCs are present (other than for the calibration of the ADAS camera) resolve the faults before attempting to proceed with the ADAS calibration.
A. Make sure the windshield and camera lens are clean.
A. If none of the above help achieve a successful recalibration, and you are using an aftermarket windshield, check for occlusions and/or replace with OEM windshield and attempt recalibration again.

Q. On some vehicles I find it challenging to get both the yaw and roll within specifications. What can be done to simplify this process?

A. Confirm the legs are set to the proper length, for your vehicle’s year, make, and model.
A. If the ADAS camera has a large offset to the passenger side of the vehicle, you can increase the leg length by one notch on the passenger side.

Q. Still need help? Call Auggie Assist (904) 990-1122