Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the AirPro cost?

Please call (904) 717-1711

What is required for the AirPro to work at our location?

  1. Internet access through WiFi or cellular hotspot
  2. Battery support for the vehicle.

How does the AirPro receive power?

The AirPro has its own battery power. The AirPro receives power through the DLC port when hooked to a vehicle with proper battery support. When not in use it will need to be connected to its power source which is a standard micro USB charger like any Android phone charger.

How long will the AirPro hold a charge?

It generally lasts about 4 hours. However, if connected to the DLC port it will continue to charge from the vehicle’s power.

What type of scans can the AirPro do?

  1. Quick Scan
  2. Inspection Scan
  3. Diagnostics Scan
  4. Completion Scan
  5. Follow-Up Scan

How long does a scan take?

Typically a scan takes anywhere from 3 to 30 minutes depending on the type of scan, manufacturer & the # of modules.

Can the AirPro do programming?

Yes, on most vehicles.

Does the AirPro support doing seat calibrations?


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