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AirPro Diagnostics is the most advanced, remote diagnostics, calibration, and programming services on the market today! AirPro utilizes OEM software as well as comprehensive multi-brand diagnostic applications directly connected to the vehicle, or local, as some vehicle manufacturers require, while remotely operated by a skilled, brand specialist team of expert diagnosticians. Our service is truly touch-free and minimizes the risk of additional outside contagions entering your facility.

Complete End-to-End Solutions
for Collision, Glass, and Repair Shops


Comprehensive scanning by vehicle brand specialists


Pinpoint diagnostics in real time by reading live data


Brand-specific module programming at your fingertips


Keep ADAS calibrations in-house utilizing AUGGIE

Remote Scanning, Diagnostics, ADAS Calibration & Programming Services FAQs

Our cutting-edge technology is always kept up to date, so you never need to worry about an obsolete or outdated tool, part of our Evergreen Warranty for our valued customers at no additional cost. And here’s a key differentiator with us, when you use AirPro, you have brand specialist technicians at your fingertips who are ready to provide expert service and support. Time is one of your shop’s most valuable resources, so we don’t waste yours with long wait times. Instead, within ten minutes of requesting service, we’ll be connected and working on your vehicle. Whether you’re conducting a pre-scan on a car prior to repairs, post-repair scans when repairs are complete, ADAS calibration services —or anywhere in between—you’ll have rapid direct access to the most reliable vehicle diagnostic scanner software available along with highly trained brand specialist support. Your shop will benefit in multiple ways, you can:
  • catch any additional repair issues to include in a comprehensive repair plan/estimate for your customers
  • reduce cycle time, which will allow you to satisfy customers while expanding your repair capacity
  • Improve quality control, further enhancing your shop’s reputation
  • provide the ultimate in:
    • vehicle safety before cars go back on the road
    • quality as you repair to manufacturer’s specifications
    • customer satisfaction
To discuss our leading auto diagnostics & ADAS Calibrations tools, please contact us online or call 904-717-1711.

The recalibration process focuses on the camera-based sensors in a vehicle that sense and gather data to forward to the car’s advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). In newer vehicles, the sensors are at their optimal factory settings in precise positioning. Over time, sensor positioning can shift—whether that’s because of fender benders or windshield replacement– many instances require a recalibration. And, in a collision with structural damage, the 4-wheel alignment must be corrected which then necessitates a Forward-Facing Camera (FFC) recalibration.

When these sensors are just slightly off, they can cause significant problems with maneuverability and driver safety—with more serious misalignment causing even bigger problems. ADAS FFC calibration involves realignment that returns the vehicle to original specifications.

Performing ADAS Calibrations today just got much simpler with AirPro’s AUGGIE DTS (Digital Targeting System). Auggie DTS replaces physical targets with digitized, miniaturized targets presented to the FFC in a theater-like environment for portable, quick, and accurate FFC calibrations. The Auggie now works with any scan tool that has calibration capabilities.

With AirPro tools and brand specialists, you can seamlessly add ADAS calibrations into your shop workflow. Benefits include the following:

  • managing radar, FFC, 360 camera, blind spot ADAS calibrations in-house.
  • expanding your service offerings
  • speeding up the repair process
  • adding a new revenue stream
  • contributing to your bottom line
  • removing space constraints

Experts agree that AUGGIE DTS is a genuine game changer, allowing shops to correctly calibrate cars and get them safely back on the road as quickly as possible, without sending calibrations out or calling a mobile vendor. AirPro efficiently provides what you need for radar, blind spot, and forward-facing camera calibrations in one package. Plus, you’ll receive clear procedures for your team—whether they’re new on the job or already experienced—that remove the guesswork.

To discuss how our world-class ADAS calibration technology can enhance your shop, please contact us online or call 904-717-1711.

Our OEM programming capabilities allow you to bring this revenue producer in-house and provide you with rapid access to highly skilled brand specialist technicians. Because of the service and support, you’ll receive from professionals who are experienced in exactly the make and model vehicle you’re repairing, you’ll decrease cycle time in your shop with fewer people touching the car, getting it safely out on the road more quickly. It’s incredible to see how much vehicle computers have advanced. Before the late 1990s, these systems didn’t exist. Today, a high-end vehicle can have 100 to 150 million lines of computer code in its operations. Contrast that to the number of lines of code in an F-25 jet fighter—about 25 million—and it’s clear to see the complexities involved in automobile programming are changing daily and it’s not a reasonable expectation for shops to understand all these complexities by make and model. When you use our technology, combined with the expertise of professionals available to you, you’ve got a comprehensive solution right at hand. We have experts to guide, service, and support your shop for each of the thirty-plus vehicle manufacturers that build hundreds of models. So, no matter which of the uniquely complex computer networks and driver assistance technologies are used in the vehicle you’re repairing, we’re here for you.
AirPro provides a complete solution, which includes diagnostic scanningADAS calibration, and automobile programming technology along with highly experienced brand specialists available to guide, service, and support your in-house team. We continually innovate our offers to improve client productivity and increase their profitability while limiting risk and liability. Our top priority is driver safety, which is why we only align ourselves with approved vehicle manufacturers and like-minded organizations and vendors. In our quest for perfection, we never compromise—not on excellence, safety, or integrity.