On February 26th, our Brand Specialist out of Jacksonville, FL, Brian clocked out at his usual time of 5 pm EST. Just before 6 pm, Brian was home and noticed an SOS from another technician go out on the internal network. There was a large number of scans on the board and the other technician was calling for assistance to ensure we met our valued customer 10-minute response pledge.  At the time no one was available to help with a particular calibration on a 2020 Nissan Rogue, so Brian jumped in and helped out.


Brian started the process with a technician from the shop, Dustin, and they were able to successfully perform a front radar calibration. After they did the final key cycle, the pre-collision light started flashing. When Brian scanned the vehicle, all the live data and modules were connected, cleared, and not showing any faults.


Brian got to work and quickly pulled up the manufacture’s service information and went through the Technical Service Bulletins (TSB) to see if there was anything specific to this make and model with this specific issue. He found a TSB that indicated that a flashing pre-collision

Because the shop was already equipped with our forward-facing camera target kit, Brian was able to guide him through setting up the pre-condition requirements and targets for the second calibration (lane departure camera). 

When Dustin went to perform the calibration, there were several attempts, but the system wasn’t calibrating. Brian walked Dustin through various troubleshooting techniques, including checking if the windshield was dirty or had been replaced, accurate target measurements, lighting requirements, and proper camera installation.

Despite being reassured that all the requirements were being met, the calibration still wasn’t successful. Knowing this make and model very well, Brian was certain that the camera wasn’t properly affixed. This can always be touchy as the technician assured him that it was. Brian was able to guide the technician tactfully through the process and low and behold, the technician found that the camera wasn’t properly affixed and was able to correct it.

After several hours of working with this shop, Brian was able to calibrate the vehicle successfully, the pre-collision light was no longer flashing and all systems on the vehicle were properly functioning.  This is another example of how our team goes above and beyond for our customers, making sure we are there when you need us, keeping our 10-minute response pledge, and sticking with our customers until the job is done right. As an additional note, Brian sees the value in upgrading his skills through ongoing training. He also holds the distinguished position of the #1 technician in completion of AirPro training modules through the companies Learning Management System (LMS).

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