AirPro has approximately 98% coverage because of the unique combination of OE and Independent Proprietary software. Yes, we use both OE and Independent Proprietary software as disclosed in our Position Statement. Why? We can offer the best service, the absolute best coverage available and the quickest scans possible. That way, you do not have to sublet to the dealership, saving you money.


AirPro can perform multiple calibrations needed during and after repairs including; passenger presence systems, steering angle sensors, brake pedal position sensors, lift-gates, active grill shutters, park assist, object detection, active cruise control, window express and anti-pinch features, adaptive headlamps, crankshaft relearns, idle air volume learn, service reminder indicator resets and more. Please let us know if any particular calibrations need to be done when submitting the scan request.


AirPro delivers OEM programming for most replacement control modules including; air bag control, occupant detection, object detection, electronic steering control, body control, engine control, powertrain control, transmission control and more. When submitting for a completion scan, please notify us of any modules or other components that were replaced during the repair to allow the downloading of the appropriate files from the OEM and to allocate the necessary time that programming requires.

Evergreen Policy

Our Evergreen Policy is our commitment to updating our AirPro fleet to the latest technology. This will keep your shop up to date without the cost or inconvenience of purchasing the “latest version”.

Rugged Design

We know accidents in shops are going to happen.  We have designed the AirPro to be able to withstand abusive handling in attempt to avoid accidental damage. The AirPro has a weatherproof case that allows you to transport the tablet to the vehicle in any weather condition.   This is to help eliminate your concern of using a delicate or finicky tool that would slow down productivity,

Fast Reliable Services

Once connected to the vehicle, we can finish most scans in as little as five minutes with reports typically delivered within 10-30 minutes. However, this depends on; the vehicle, the number of modules, the number of DTC codes and type of scan being done.


AirPro instantly connects to the shops existing Wi-Fi or to a cellular hotspot. This fast, hassle-free set up makes for the quickest scans possible. There’s no need for long cables or to open ports or for any special configurations. This wireless technology allows you to connect anywhere in the shop, the back lot or on a road test.

Built in Volt Meter

A vehicles voltage level needs to be in the correct range to perform accurate scans and is critical for programming or calibration routines. The built in voltage meter displays the voltage level of the vehicle when connected. This is especially useful when the vehicle comes in with a weak, failing or discharged battery. Identification of voltage concerns upfront leads to battery inspections, charging and/or battery testing to correct these conditions appropriately.